Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sexual Abuse Awareness:

                                                          Don't Do This!!!

     When someone important is  the sexual perpetrator it helps raise the awareness. Pay attention how often it  happens. Cheers for MEDIA attention for a few nights. Today it's Sandusky. a coach at a University who worked with children and got away with it for several years. Next, Herman Cain, a political figure who denies it when 4 women have come forward.  Remember the stats are one in three girls and one in six boys. Horrible numbers to consider. These victims are devastated by this crime of violence and power. Don't take it lightly. Please Help prevent it.

Don't sweep it under the rug.
Don't change the channels.
Don't pretend it didn't happen.

Get disgusted. Protect your children. Talk about it. Pray for an end to sexual abuse and help for the survivors.
Again, the proceeds from the sale of my book will go to support programs that help the family.

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