Monday, November 14, 2011

Mothers Reported Penn State Abuse:

      Today (November 14) I still think and write about self care around the shame and betrayal from people who were thought to be trustworthy at Penn State. Molestation is a crime of violence and power. I applaud the reporting made by the mothers to protect their children. I have written about my own attempts in discovery and protection.Penn State is another example of how it doesn't always work.                                  
     One of the best methods of self care for a mother's deep grief  is first to recognize it, drink more water to prevent dehydration, take about 20 minutes every day to be sad and angry and then go back to your normal routine. Don't dwell on it. Don't isolate, make a gratitude list. Be grateful for the basics of food, clothing and shelter, for good health and all the other positives in your life. Read it out loud...add one more thing...and one more thing...and one more thing! I prayed often. I had a sponsor, one person I talked to frequently and received the love and support I needed to get through this traumatic experience. Eventually you get a scab.

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