Sunday, January 15, 2012

Declutter and Renewal:

Still at it and...

I've discovered more treasures in all shapes and sizes of containers.
I discard what I don't need and save the memories I am not ready to release.
Some of my memories have lived undisturbed and hidden for years.
Funny, after tossing or shredding, I have a prolific dream life
about that item or what it represented. Have you had that happen?

If you have been molested you also hold bad memories.
 You are unable to discard them as easily as a crumpled lined paper or a single earring.
It's like a death of a childhood  but,  unlike a death,
  your experience can only be talked about in measured quantities with a safe person.

Healing... happens, first a teaspoon full and then a tablespoon and then a 1/4 cup, etc.
I think a big part of healing of anything begins with clearing away all of the 'stuff"
that stands between you and a conversation with a loving God.

I specifically heard on 1240 A.M  radio today this message;
" God embraces the survivors in their brokenness."
And my wish is that you feel His strength surround you and
You become inspired to be the best person you can be.

God Bless You.

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