Friday, January 20, 2012


The Consultation by Harry Anderson

 I purchased and hung this picture in my  bedroom.
I liked everything about it...the nurse with a stripe on her cap -
The doctor at the bedside and Christ with this healing gesture.
My mother died 6 years ago on Superbowl Sunday which happened to be Feb. 5.

Funny how you can buy something, hang it on the wall and not really look at it much.
It becomes part of the wall until someone else notices it and comments.
It was pointed out to me that the woman in the bed looked like mother.
I stared at it like it was a miracle or something. Why didn't I ever notice that this woman
in the bed looks like my mother, I wondered.
 I look at it frequently and find the whole scene very comforting!
I do a "consultation" quite often on all sorts of things in life with Jesus.
Do you know anyone who doesn't need healing?  I don't.

We are all supposed to have a "double"...have you found yours?
                        This picture is also a mural on the wall at several hospitals.

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