Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Favorite Credit Card:

This is my first and favorite credit card!

Being a mother is probably the most difficult task in the world
since our babies do not come with instructions. There are many books written about
what to do now but,  I can remember when there was probably only one or two.

It was such a privilege for me going to the homes of new mothers who had just delivered.
I didn't have anyone nearby. I loved being a Public Health Nurse teaching, assessing and referring my
clients. I got to encourage, support, demonstrate things and answer their questions.

The next step in my "mother" journey is to unite mothers of survivors of sexual abuse.
If you are interested in such a program, please call the Survivors Healing Center where
names are taken for a group to begin in the spring.
The number is 831-423-7601

If you are interested in any survivor groups or you know someone who might be...
 call and talk to office staff and see what's happening. You can also visit the office
and use their lending library and receive more information.

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