Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wednesday: The Sign of the Cross

Today the Lenten Journey begins...

I didn't like Lent when I was a child.
 40  days in a row was way too long to be good.
But now, as an is my favorite time during the church year.

My blog theme for 2012, "Declutter and Renewal" fits Lent.
 I am getting rid of some things including a few bad habits
that get in the way of me being closer to God... the lover of my soul.

 The Christians "sign of the cross" smudge placed on the forehead
dates back to the fifth century. Some Protestants have even resumed this practice.

In line at the grocery store
a woman actually brushed her hand across my bangs and told me my face was dirty!
What an opportunity for a "lesson on the passion of Christ."

If you don't get ashes, consider how you can help our
world be a better place and become your best self.
Today is a good day to start a new behavior.

So, what did you decide?
Any good ideas?

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