Thursday, February 23, 2012

Make Your Plan:

This is an old  fashioned (antique-vintage)
Candy display. Candy was purchased by the pound.

I thought about all the times we gave up candy for Lent.
Sometimes Lent started before Valentines Day and that was really hard.
We kept the fast even during Sunday, but technically Sunday is not a day of Lent.
We didn't go to movies either. We weren't by ourselves. It was all the Catholic kids.

The 3 major components of Lenten responsibility were:
If you happened to mess up your plan you
Started your day over. Amen.

I was amazed as an adult at the number of alcoholics who stopped drinking during this holy season.
Why? It proved they really didn't have a problem.
(It's like a recovery joke...)
As long as the drinker knows when they get their next drink...
they'll hold off until that date agreed upon which is Easter.

Maybe this is the time you'll seek out an Al-anon meeting.
I'm here to tell you it's a life saver.

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