Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Month of Letters 2012:

Today I finished sending out my final letter in the "A Month of Letters"
challenge for February. I wrote someone every day.
This type of behavior is certainly self-esteem building.
And not only does the writer feel good but so does
 the recipient.

I received letters back and I was so joyful I wanted to read them at my mailbox,
but avoided the temptation. After all it doesn't take long to read a letter. I examined the
stamps and the stationary, got my tall latte at my favorite coffee shop.
This stretched out the time period while I
savored opening the handwritten letter and read it, once, then twice and again..

Happy Leap Day to all those who are celebrating their birthdays
and anniversary. I like having an extra day this year.  One of
my favorite quotes and I don't know who said it...but I heard it
at a Nurses convention one  year is:
"I have all the time to do all the things that have to get done!"
Now, I do.

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