Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Secret: See and Tell

I read a book that I found quite fascinating. A stranger went into a
small town and told the people that he was writing a book and would like to interview everyone. He would only ask one question.

The question he asked was for the person to tell the author something they had never told anyone before. It was to be a secret.
Can you believe that the people in the community had no trouble telling a stranger who would publish... their biggest secret?

When someone suspects or knows about a secret, possibly sexual abuse happening in a family and they can't seem to say anything to the family (mother) until years later, then for Pete's sake tell it to a stranger or someone else who will help. If it went unsaid, if it was swept under the carpet, if heads turned the other way, then more harm was done. Call the authorities, go to counseling, get help.


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