Thursday, March 22, 2012

Break Time:

After the nightly news on TV, I need to picture something nicer than the orange jump suits from the jail!!
I have to change the scenery to pleasant colors like beautiful flowers.
The  news tonight discussed the case of a counselor at a high school  in Salinas who viewed porn,
had sex with two teenagers (so far noted) and video taped teenagers having sex in his office.

There is the case pending of an assistant principal who was voted a "hero" in the school
by the students and his reward was flying with the Thunderbird's. Later, it was discovered
that he molested kids at the school. The students are devastated to hear this about him.

The next case was a babysitter who molested the children. These are crimes of violence.

Don't we all need a break?

At least, I do until tomorrow. In the morning my day is fresh and I am thankful to be alive.
I am happy nothing has happened to me during the night like a stroke or something terrible.
I can move my arms and legs and smile and talk and stretch and speak.

I keep an attitude of gratitude and turn the day over to God.
psssssssssssssssst...He is waiting for YOU to do the same thing!

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