Sunday, March 4, 2012

Peace Be With You:

Young people do the impossible before they find out it's impossible-
That's why God uses them so often.
                                                      -Loren Cunningham 

How do we begin...
Love and peace begin in a family by all members sitting at the kitchen table...
(listening, praise, respect, manners, kindness, appropriate behaviors)
Thanking God for your food and sharing a meal together.
Then it extends out in an eccentric circle to relationships with the relatives, friends and the neighborhood.
It also includes involvement with the schools and church community
voting for your  local city people, volunteering in multiple organizations, 
continuing to be connected somehow at the state level, country and continent.
You can probably state this better than I have because I know you know what I mean.

Like the song says, "Let it begin with me!

As usual,  pictures can be used for writing prompts.  

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Omwange Moses Ondieki said...

Reminds me of, "Charity begins at home".