Thursday, May 24, 2012


When I turned  the big "5-0" I invited a group of people to my house for a party.
My birthday (May 25) happened to fall on the Memorial Day weekend.
A friend made a wreath of flowers for my hair and I was the queen for a day.

Each "home-made" gift came with a story and we all hooted and hollered.
It was so much fun and very memorable.
My favorite and last gift was from a big burly wounded Viet Nam Vet who, with tears in his eyes, gave me
the small flag  he carried  in the parade that morning.
 He didn't say anything but Happy Birthday... and I was touched deeply.

"Celebration" comes out of my mouth in a tune while I move side to side.
My fingers click and I'm happy. You know...sellllll- a- braaaa  aa shun, ummhmm!

I am just getting prepared to celebrate the whole weekend and REMEMBER...

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dyannne said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Emalou!