Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Reminders of Childhood:


Playing paper dolls is popular if you're a child in the 1950's.
First you cut out the outfit and then you fold the tabs down
and hope they stay on the thicker paper image. Your friend does the same thing
or else you play by yourself and make another one...
using your imagination and acting out a story.

The last time I saw paper dolls was in a book store in the vintage section. If your child  or grandchild played
paper dolls or "house" today... what type of story would she tell?
Children mimic their parents and other things that are happening.

When  there is incest in a family the wife is groomed, manipulated and betrayed. The husband
will molest each daughter. So often I hear of the oldest child telling when she becomes aware that
the dad or step dad is now molesting a younger sister in the household. 

Pay attention to the stories you hear from the children...
about the teachers, coaches, bus drivers, ministers, friend's parents, neighbors, etc.
No one is exempt  in a child's life. It crosses all boundaries of color, race and creed.

Have a conversation about sexual behavior.

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