Saturday, May 19, 2012

Marilyn Monroe:

 I think the key word is DISCIPLINE.

That is not as easy as one would think. It deals with nearly everything we do.

It can involve choices  of foods at a party."I really shouldn't eat this...but, oh well."

Sitting in a movie theater and  watching  trash and you say, "I should really get up and leave,"but you stay.

You think something weird is going on with a man and his daughter and you chose to "mind your own business!"

None of these things make you feel better about yourself. Do what you know is right.

How about:

Instead of yelling at the dog or kids, you get up and go find out what's wrong.*

Instead of leaving the house early, finish making your bed and  toss those
few dishes into the dishwasher.*

Instead of just sitting there,walk a few extra steps during the day and park in the spot at the end.*

And most of all if you think something is  not right with a man and his your suspicions to the police. 

Pray for the grace of discipline.
We will be better people for it.

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