Monday, June 11, 2012

#364 Reminders:

                                                      Sunflowers look happy.  The yellow rows in the fields are beautiful. 
                  They are tall and thick and sway and pull their faces   toward the sun as if to honor God and then lower their heads at dusk
                Sunflower seeds remind me of my wonderful father.
                                                     He loved baseball and was quite good at it.  But, he didn't listen or play a game without
                                                     chewing sunflower seeds and spitting out the shells.
                                                     This was between swinging his arms,slapping his knee,
                                                     banging on the steering wheel and/or cussing! 
                                                     This is a fond memory that keeps me warm as Father's Day
                                                      approaches. BTW, my book was released on Father's Day.

                                                                       St. Joseph, pray for us.



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