Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Click On Me:

Today makes one year I have taken you on a blogging journey. 
Thank you so much for reading my short blurbs about life.
If you have not come along for some reason, I invite you to join me again.

I have not met all the goals of my journey and I need your help.

 Hopefully anyone who has children or works with children will READ MY BOOK.
Hopefully we all become advocates for the victims and give them a voice.
 Hopefully If there is anything suspicious about a parent and a child or an adult and child, we will report.
Hopefully we all advocate for the survivors of Childhood sexual abuse and speak to their mothers.
I will continue to donate the royalties from the sales of my book to support programs of recovery.

BUY the book, read it, pass it on.
1 out of 3 girls are molested before the age of 18.
1 out of 6 boys are molested before the age of 18.

                                          Thank you so much for YOUR courage!

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