Thursday, June 14, 2012

Declutter and Renewal:


In the morning when I have my coffee I don't just grab any old cup.
I match my mood to the cup...the color inside and out, or the the message .
If it's from Yosemite then maybe I'll think about how much I like it there and use it or the red one because
I'm passionate about some issue of the day!
My coffee cups sort of have a story to them. I am ready to get rid of a few of them.
It's that declutter and renewal bug I have again.
Do you have it?

Over by Home Depot a big blue container says, "Shoes and Clothes."
That's nice because whenever you get into the mood you can empty out your closet,
put them in your car and deliver them to that big box and not worry about a store being open.

Enough about me.  I would love to know if you just grab a cup or you have your favorites.
Let me know in the comment section. If that's a problem then email me.

I gave my book to a woman friend who was molested by her father.
What did you do with yours when you finished reading it?
Oh, you haven't read it yet?
1 out of 3 girls and 1 out of 6 boys are molested.
Everybody knows someone whether they know it or not!

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