Thursday, August 2, 2012

Birthday Wishes:

Birthdays at my house were the most special of celebrations!
You could request your meal and the cake of your choice.
No one really planned anything because the birthday person was like "boss for the day."

Once a group of friends came to my party and we all went to the movie,
 "20,000 Leagues under the Sea."
I remember it seemed way too long because I had to wait to open my presents.

I wish the very best to my friends having a birthday. It is a special day...
so happy you all were born.
When my daughter celebrated her birthday in June and I called to wish her the best...
she said, "Thank you for having me!"
I said, "why are you saying that...what do you mean?"
She said, "I'm glad you didn't have an abortion."
"It was never an option," I said. "You were planned."

I  pray for respect for life at all ages and stages.
Lord, hear my prayer.


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