Friday, August 3, 2012


I don't know the make and model of this car outside of Starbucks,
 but I know I immediately had a memory like it was yesterday,
and said," ummmm, a push up from McCurdy's!"
I smiled all the way to my car carrying coffee.

When I was a child, McCurdy's restaurant had a little freezer up by the cashier
with a glass slider door filled with orange creamy push ups  (a fat tube of sherbet on a stick)
the same color as this car. 

Memories pop out of no where and everywhere.
Imagine the thoughts that stop an abused child or an adult survivor in his/her tracks.
 Have you seen someone stare off in space or stop doing something?
My memory was over 50 years old...see they don't go away.
There are good memories and there are bad ones.
If the survivor gets the appropriate help from  a professional those
fearful moments may some day change to more good memories and fewer flashes of the bad stuff.

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