Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shut The Refrigerator Door:


 "Shut the refrigerator, you're letting all the cold air out! "
I was one of those kids who stood there with the door open trying to figure out what there was to eat.
It was the after school routine for most of us.
I never heard where other mothers said things like that. Did yours?

When I stood in front of my cupboards today, that
have glass doors, I looked, decided and opened.
And my brilliant idea ... refrigerators should have glass doors too.
(1) You  wouldn't have to stand there with the door open.
(2) Spills would get cleaned up faster.
(3)  The insides would appear to be much more organized.
(4) You could see that all the milk was gone and wouldn't even have to ask.
(5) No problem for nurses or social workers who go into homes
You would see if the amount of food was adequate.
 It just sounds like it would solve some problems
and clean up some messes.

What say you??

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