Monday, August 11, 2014

Clothes Make a Difference:

My Nun Collection

Scene One:
A well dressed man went out
into the streets and asked people for money. Everyone
he begged from, at least dug into their pockets . It didn't take long and he had acquired a big chunk of change, once even being given five dollars.

Scene Two:
The same man went back to wardrobe and changed into worn old clothes.
His hair was messed a little, his shoes scuffed and his pants wrinkled.
He asked people for help. They walked by as if he were invisible.  He approached others who sneared, put their hand in the air with a 'back off' sign,  or
handed  him a few coins.

Clothes do make a difference. 
When I look at my nun collection I remember my excitement.
I liked being able to recognize them. I would be half a block down
the street and in my mind practicing, "Good afternoon, Sister," so I
could say it with a smile. I miss that and am grateful that
there still are some "Orders" who have a habit.
It was also a reminder to pray.
It was a reminder that people dedicated their entire life for Jesus.

I guess I can make a comment about change.
Some like it and others do not...but, then
I liked Nurses in whites wearing a cap and also Doctors with a white coat
and name embroidered on the left over the pocket.
Talk about the "olden" days!

Just another one of those days where I feel my age!

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