Saturday, August 2, 2014

Healing Through Photos for 52 Weeks

Hi Everyone,

Healing is about change. I realized for the first time that I actually skipped the month of July and didn't post on my blog. I also lost my dearest buddy here in California to Cancer. Her funeral was yesterday. It was was beautiful celebration of her life. She was a role model and a lovely lady. She is missed and left many good messages during the fun times we shared.

So now, I am doing something new with a large group of people. You too might want to think about what to add or delete from your schedule. I will take a photo and follow  a theme for 52 weeks. This will be fun, a challenge, and lead in a new direction.

Still some difficulty figuring out all the particulars so printed out the wordpress directions but hit the button twice in my frustration and now have 32 pages of staring at me so I came back to blogspot but can't start all over because it recognizes me! So I'll change this up a bit!

Oh,'ll see a picture when I get one up.
Thank you for your patience!

Emalou King

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