Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Be Prepared:

On  November 19, I was flying around my house in the best of health for the whole past year...back to my"old" self! This meant I was very productive around the house and wasn't paying as much attention to things outside as I should. It was garbage day...get the cans from the back yard out to the curb. 

It was getting dark and it was raining. 
I took off out the side door, whipped around the back of my new car and TRIPPED over the black rain spout that juts out on the ground. I went down so fast there was no time for my life to flash in front of me. 

My head bounced on the driveway. I tasted blood, my tongue tasted warm blood when my lip split inside. I screamed for help and spit  out asphalt leaving little chunks stuck between my teeth. My neighbors were home and immediately came to my rescue. One called 9-1-1 while the other put blankets on me and told me not to move while the rain pooled beneath me. Others came from nearby as well as the biggest fire truck and ambulance.

Now to the point of this blog. I was shocky and too many people talked all at once. The fireman asked to enter my house and I approved. On my fridge was my FILE of LIFE card. It contained all the information needed to facilitate a smooth transfer to the Emergency room. These magnetic info cards are handy and the fireman thanked me for having one.  Of course, I never thought it would get used. Please get one. Ask your pharmacist.

Oh, I broke my arm. It was an undisplaced fracture of the radial head. No cast. I am healing but it was a life changing event with my family. So, be prepared...And most of all, be careful !

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dyannne said...

Omigawsh! So sorry that happened! Yes, these things come right out of the blue, don't they, when you least expect it. Bummer, but glad you are healing and getting well. I've had similar things happen. Thanks for the tip on the File of Life. I will get one of those.