Sunday, January 18, 2015

Permission to Mourn:

Joanie  Lundell & Casey

Honoring  one of  my friends
Who died of cancer in 2014.
Joanie died in 2014 and I have really been missing her.
I took this picture in her kitchen the day she 
Shaved her head!

She called on my cell. "Come over, quick," she said.
I was in the neighborhood running errands and hurried over.

The gate was unlocked and the sliding glass door open.
When I called out her name, she hesitated for only a second before she 
Jumped out, arms outstretched with a "Taaaa-daaaa!"

"What do you think?
 I'm a blonde!
And I'm gonna have fun with all of this!"
I was speechless and supported her courageous spirit.

You can see her Christmas tree in the background. 
It was always spectacular.  Once she kept it up all year long.
It was about living and loving always with that spirit. 

If she didn't pray for you....she probably hadn't met you. 
I have a committment to say the rosary on the 17th of each month. 
I remembered while we were at Shadowbrook 
In front of a big roaring fire having a drink...
And yes, using our fingers we prayed the Rosary.

May the Souls of the faithful departed,  rest in peace, amen.

A new way to do grief by Tom Zuba 
Is a new book that I suggest reading.

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