Sunday, June 7, 2015


Where do you actually hang out? I  have always spent a lot of time in my car with my job in the field of Public Health Nursing. 
(I am distracted right now because my dog is snoring so loud! )
I choose the very closest Starbucks from my house. There are four of them in the vicinity. I am reminded of the popular sitcom, Cheers, because they call out my name as I come in the door. 
(It's too quiet...have to check and see if my dog is still breathing.)
I see the same people on most days if I stick to the same time. Have also had fun conversations and laughs and listened to toe taping music. There's the artist who sets up and paints, the computer geek,  the crossword puzzle guy and students - usually an off duty barista.
On the bulletin board I am allowed to place my card for my book because it supports a non-profit, I appreciate being able to do that. So, this is my thank you to them and I have permission to post this picture. ❤️

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