Saturday, September 24, 2011

Visual Writing Prompt: The Best Gifts

                                                                       In God's Hands     E.King.

 This image has been brought to my attention 3x's in the last 3 days 
so, I felt compelled to post it.  This visual image means different things to
      each one of us. This belonged to my mother. It was a gift and I know she loved it.

   I know that because it was kept out on a table for everyone to see, not in a drawer or closet

where some of my gifts were often saved for later.  Why do we always think we know

what someone else might like?  That sounds like a good starting point for a story.

So tell least start one sentence about the gift that didn't make it to the table!  


Laila said...

Hi Emalou
Thank you for giving me a start. I have a cassette tape that mother sent me before she died. I will turn it on and listen to her voice and savor every words that came out of her lips. The lips I still feel their warms on my forehead, cheecks, and nose. It's a lively start, yet painful.

Emalou King said...

sounds like such a sweet memory. Thank you for your comment.