Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mentoring Spoof:


 I'm heading to my car in the parking lot at my favorite Starbucks today
when I am approached by a young clean cut man.
 He gives me a sales pitch about removing the little scratches here and there on my car.
It would only cost $50...and if I go to a body shop it will be very expensive for me.
He says he wants to give me a good deal and get experience.
He will be trained by his  father and uncle-
 the two men in the white truck who pull up behind me- waiting for my answer.
When I hesitate and sip on my capachino, they both get out.

All four of us are now touching my car and circling like buzzards.
They admire the dark blue color but can make it more beautiful without scratches.
They have a few teeth missing, speak in broken English and have olive skin.
Finally, I say okay. They go to the back of their truck, mumble,
 put something clear on a cloth like an oil(who knows what?)
and rub it on the tiny scratches made by a raccoon on the door handles.
It takes five minutes to complete the whole job.
 The older guys get back into the truck and drives off while the boy waits for the money.
He asks me if I can give him a tip for the work! I say emphatically, "NO!"

I ask if he has a card or if he lives here. He says they live in San Jose but
 moving  here because the weather is so nice.
I didn't tell him that everyone isn't as gullible as I am, but I certainly thought it.

When I pay I stand right next to him like I am going to tell a secret and say,
"Okay, why did you pick me?"
He says, "It's your smile... your beautiful smile, mum."
 I roll my eyes and shake my head, smiling. He joins me with a smile and says, "Thank you so much."

I won't forget their faces. Sorry I didn't take pictures or shoot a video.
Hope I never see them on America's most wanted!
Yes, I knew I was getting screwed and no I'm not going to do it again.
It was just one of those days... you know what I mean?

(Big Smile)


dyannne said...

You do have a gorgeous smile, Emalou!

I've done similar things a few times, bought something, ordered something, knowing it wasn't worth what I was paying, but for some reason it just felt right. Maybe it was the universe - I don't know - something that just had to happen for a reason I'll never know. Maybe that young man just *really* needed that sale. Who knows. But I'm glad you did it. Maybe it's a pay it forward kind of thing.

Emalou King said...

Thank you, Dyanne. I love your responses and I thank you for reading my blogs.I like the idea of a "pay it forward" thing.

I did talk with a friend who paid $200 for someone who showed up in her yard and the first question she asked me was, "did they really get the scratches out?" I didn't feel so bad then.