Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pepperoni Pizza:


There is something about the power of suggestions-
Do you ever get those days where nothing will satisfy you except a pizza?
Crunchy, cheesy, hot, pepperoni pizza.
Go for it!

It used to be great sometimes for breakfast in college!
Usually you would find it in the smoker- (yes, I said smoker-
that is the room at the end of the hall where you went to smoke.) The
reason you didn't do it in your room was because of fires so the
nurses in my dorm  headed down to the end of the hall and smoked
cigarettes and did homework, gathered around the piano and acted out which meant trying to
rip a phone book in two, lifting someone in the air with two fingers, etc.
You might remember some of those goofy things.

There are kids who don't get to lead these relatively "normal" lives because they
have been so traumatized. Let's pray for their healing...it wasn't their fault no matter what.
Let's pray for their self esteem damaged by an adult they trusted. And let's pray
for an abundance of good graces for them from God, who loves every ounce of them.

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